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At Philips, we understand that every skin and hair type are unique. Our mission is to deliver every man his individual best shave, blade-close and incredibly gentle. Our new shavers with SkinIQ technology sense and adapt to you.

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9000 Prestige

Ultimate closeness,

ultimate skin comfort

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9000 Series

Perfection in every pass

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7000 Series

Close shave,
advanced skin protection

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5000 Series

Powerful shave,
gentle on skin

3000 Series

Close shave,

more comfort

1000 Series

Clean shave,

without fuss

Personalized shave 
for every individual

Philips rotary shavers with SkinIQ technology are intelligent and adaptive. They adapt to your hair density, follow every contour of your face, and thanks to circular movements, match the way your hair naturally grows.

Precise & close shave


Precise & close shave


The blades of rotary shavers are designed to catch hair growing in all directions, for a close shave. They can perform up to 150.000 cutting actions per minute.

Our shaving systems are engineered and produced in the Netherlands, with the highest quality steel

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Our blades are self-sharpening and durable

Protecting your skin


your skin


Our shavers are engineered for advanced skin protection. The blades cut close and safely, without touching the skin directly.

The new shavers with SkinIQ technology are equipped with advanced sensors that read and adapt to you. Connected models allow to track your routine, and advise you for a shave that’s best for your skin.

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Hygienic shaving




The Quick Clean Pod is the world's smallest and cordless cleaning station. It cleans thoroughly in just 1 minute. The special cleaning formula is 10x more effective than water1, so you can keep your shaver hygienic.


1 With cleaning fluid vs. water in the cartridge.

Our shavers have 360-D flexibility


Following the countours of your face


Our shavers (5000 Series and above) have 360-D flexibility, to keep optimum contact along your facial contours. This enables a more even distribution of the shaving pressure, for higher skin comfort.

Shavers that are
innovative and versatile

Wet & Dry shaving

Wet & Dry shaving


With our shavers, you can go for a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave. You can shave with gel or foam, even under the shower.

A beard styler, a precision trimmer or a cleansing brush

More than just a shaver


Easily turn your shaver2 into a beard styler, a precision trimmer or a cleansing brush. Just click the attachment you want onto the handle to complete your look.


2 Compatible with shaver 5000 series and above.


Our journey to become a leader in sustainable technology

Our production facility for blades uses 100% renewable electricity

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Our packaging is made with recycled paper or renewable sources

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All shavers come with an Eco Passport

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best for you

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* Source: Euromonitor International Limited, retail value RSP, per body shavers category definition, 2019 data, research conducted in January 2020.

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