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Find the perfect garment steamer

Quickly smooth creases or refresh clothes. Our Philips garment steamers heat up quickly and they’re safe for all kinds of fabrics - even your delicates.

Handheld Garment Steamer

Handheld garment steamer

Quick and effective, wherever you are. Useful at home and a great travel companion, our handheld garment steamers heat up quickly and make it easy to remove creases without using an ironing board.

  • Safe for delicate clothes
  • Ideal for last minute touch-ups and travel
  • Lightweight & portable

Compact Garment Steamer

ClearTouch Essence Garment Steamer

The new ClearTouch Essence delivers your favorite scents on your clothes. Pour your fragrance in the MyEssence fragrance cap and steam gives a fresh smell to your clothes so that you can refresh them without washing or dry cleaning.

  • Safe to use on delicate fabrics, like silk
  • Hanger with hang&lock feature for stability during steaming
  • Detachable, transparent water tank with hygienic water inlet

Stand Garment Steamer

ClearTouch garment steamer

Our standing garment steamers are incredibly stable, and offer quick and powerful crease removal. Built-in hanging solutions mean you don’t need to look for somewhere to hang your clothes as you steam them.

  • Quick, powerful and safe for delicate clothes
  • Convenient built-in hanging solutions
  • Large water tank for longer steaming sessions

  • Quick touch ups

    Quick touch ups

    A Philips clothes steamer is simple to set up, and it heats up quickly. Whether it’s a rumpled blouse or crumpled trousers, our steamers make it easy to iron your suit in seconds.

  • Care for your clothes

    Care for your clothes

    From summer dresses to statement jackets, all our clothes steamers are kind to delicate fabrics. And they’re powerful enough to refresh thicker materials like wool too.

  • Around the house

    Around the house

    From couches to curtains, our garment steamers aren’t just good to clothes. Gentle enough for delicates, and a great way to refresh thicker fabrics, a Philips steamer is indispensable around the house.

  • Refresh, protect, prolong

    Refresh, protect, prolong

    Philips garment steamers do more than simply smooth creases. The hot steam can kill bacteria and remove unwanted odors of food or cigarettes.

Take care of your delicate and difficult to iron clothes


A silk blouse, a pleated skirt, a cashmere sweater, or a thick wool suit jacket: steaming is an incredibly efficient way to smooth out or refresh clothes, including those that are difficult to iron. Our garment steamers are ideal for:

How to use a Philips clothes steamer

Using a Philips garment steamer couldn't be easier:

  • Fill up the water tank and plug the garment steamer in
  • Wait just under a minute for the water to heat up
  • Hang your clothes from a stable surface, or directly from the steamers built-in hanger
  • Gently stretch the fabric with one hand while you steam with the other

User Reviews

o yesss! Truly deserves, I'm using it & it Faaaantaasssstic.

Thanks Philips for this product ...I have a wonderful one

Descaling your garment steamer

Garment steamers that work with steam build up calc or scale. If you do not regularly descale, you will get white/brown stains on your clothes - and the steam will not operate to its maximum power. We recommend regular descaling, especially when you have hard water. Click below to find out how to descale your specific Philips clothes steamer.

Descaling your garment steamer
Descaling your garment steamer

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