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I cannot open the dust bucket of my Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Published on 29 November 2023
If you cannot open the dust bucket of your Philips Cordless Vacuum cleaner there might be a simple solution. Please check which model you have on the tube and discover here how to solve this yourself.
  • Turn off the appliance (image 1).
  • Remove the bucket by pressing the button while holding the appliance at a 45-degree angle (image 2). 
Please follow these steps if you want to clean the bucket: 
  • Lift the colored part to access the bucket (image 3).  
Tip: If it is difficult to remove this part from the bucket, you could tap around the bucket with your hand, to loosen the colored part out a bit. Removing is easiest if you position the hand holding the bucket at the bottom and lift the colored part with your other hand. 
  • Empty the dust bucket (image 4).  
  • Rinse the dust bucket under the tap. Please, avoid using the dishwasher (image 5).  
  • Ensure the dust bucket is completely dry before placing it back (images 6-7).  
Make sure you first align the protruding part of the bucket before hinging it in place. 
For more detailed instructions, you can watch the video below. 
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If you hold the trigger on the handheld while the dust bucket is not properly aligned, it may become stuck or misplaced. You may notice a gap between the dust bucket and the motor part of the handheld. To fix this, simply push the dust bucket towards the motor until the gap is eliminated.
In the video below, we will show you the correct dust bucket placement and how to solve this. 
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When trying to open your SpeedPro (Max) bucket, please make sure to follow these steps: 
  • Turn off the appliance. 
  • Remove the bucket by pressing the release button on the handheld, adjacent to the dust bucket (image 1). 
  • Take off the lid and empty the dust bucket (images 2-3).
  • Place back the dust container lid. It is properly closed when you hear a click (see image 4).
  • Place back the dust container. It is properly placed when you hear a click (see image 5).
Did the solutions above not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance via www.philips.com/support. 
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