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Empowering you and your loved ones to be healthy, live well and enjoy life.

A little more action

What if you could improve life-long health habits with only a few simple steps? With the help of the Philips Personal Health Program, one man made the small changes needed to beat the clock and his health concerns to follow his dream. Discover what a remarkable transformation a person can make in only 6 weeks.
  • More comfort, more milk

    Case study

    More comfort, more milk

    Philips has developed a comfortable breast pump that enables milk to flow more easily.

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  • Lighting up an entire community

    Case study

    Lighting up an entire community

    The town that is no longer in darkness.

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  • Follow your dreams

    Case study

    Follow your dreams

    Meet Tammam. See how Philips Air Purifiers helped a nine year old boy follow his dreams.

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  • New ways to fry

    Case study

    New ways to fry

    One woman’s quest for healthier recipes.

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Helping dancers relax with LED light therapy

Philips is helping improve performance in innovative ways.

Global sleep deprivation


While sleep patterns vary around the world, most people don’t feel like they are getting enough sleep on a daily basis.

44% cite going to bed late and getting up early as a reason for being sleep deprived.

32% report that worry and stress is the main cause of sleep difficulty. 30% say that overall they are a poor sleeper.

Citation: Philips Index for health and well-being: a global perspective

The future of personalized healthcare

Technology which empowers patients to live more independently.
  • A future plan for a healthy aging planet


    A future plan for a healthy aging planet

    Discover how Philips promotes a healthy society for aged people and encourages them to stay active.

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  • Innovation for a healthy white smile

    Case study

    Innovation for a healthy white smile

    Philips Sonicare.

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  • City farms that grow with LED lighting


    City farms that grow with LED lighting

    Philips innovative next-generation LED horticultural lighting systems are perfect for indoor growing systems.

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  • Cooking with health in mind

    Case study

    Cooking with health in mind

    Technology that revolutionizes the kitchen.

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Advancing healthcare


See how we collaborate across the continuum of care.

Smarter lighting


Discover how lighting can help create places for people to thrive.

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