What type of messages to expect from Philips e-Alert

Environmental conditions:

Humidity &Temperature

Magnet cooling:
Chiller function, Helium compressor function, Cold head function, Helium level

Magnet Health status:

Magnet pressure, Magnetic field

Power supply

When Philips e-Alert detects an anomaly in the environmental conditions around the MRI system, the magnet health status, the magnet cooling system or the power supply - it issues an automatic alert via email, phone and / or a local alarm (i.e. blinking light, alarm bell).

Depending on the MRI system configuration(s) at your hospital facility and your local needs a hardware solution or a software (only) solution may be installed.
Philips e-Alert will support the collaboration between a Healthcare Facility and Philips to respond quickly, helping to identify and may reduce issues before they can impact your operations.

During installation of Philips e-Alert the collaboration between your Healthcare Facility and Philips will be defined. Depending on your system configuration, your contract entitlements and your wishes, the type of alerts sent to your Healthcare Facility may differ. The image on the right shows the e-Alerts that can be configured. During installation it will be agreed which alerts will be configured for your Healthcare Facility and who is expected to respond to which alert.

The other image shows an example e-Alert message, showing the MRI Device details and Alert details.

The images are examples. The actual form at installation and email you receive may differ.