What is Philips e-Alert?

The proactive, sensor-based way to monitor your imaging systems.

Philips e-Alert provides rapid insight into key MRI parameters, helping biomeds and Philips service engineers take fast action to solve problems before they escalate. The smart, sensor-based tool measures environmental factors against thresholds, triggering an alert if a parameter diverges from a predefined value. Depending on the Healthcare facility’s specific requirements, alerts are sent by email, text message, and/or as part of a local alarm system.

Philips e-Alert offers remote monitoring and alerting independent of region, system age, internet access, or phone network coverage. It also allows you to control which data is shared with Philips.

Depending on the MRI system configuration(s) at your hospital facility and your local needs a hardware solution or a software (only) solution may be installed.The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions below will differentiate between the hardware and software (only) solution.

This proactive approach supports the collaboration between you and Philips to respond quickly, helping to identify issues before they can impact your operations.

Philips e-Alert is only available in selected markets.