How can I control the Philips e-Alert data leaving my Healthcare Facility?


Philips e-Alert collects sensor data and delivers alert notifications to  registered recipients. The e-Alert collects personal information (name, email address and optional phone number) provided by you or your employer when registering the names of individuals to receive alert notifications from the device.  Please read the privacy notice for more information.


To receive high quality support for Philips e-Alert and benefit from all options it is strongly recommended that Philips e-Alert be connected to the Philips supported email server and SMS server over the internet.


However if a healthcare facility would like to control the information leaving the healthcare facility network, it is possible to disable the SMS alerts and to configure e-Alert email alerts to use an SMTP mail server provided by the healthcare facility. In this case emails sent by e-Alert to Philips can also be controlled at the SMTP mail server. Note that if alerts are not sent to Philips, if any alert you receive requires a response from Philips service you will need to open a service case at Philips Customer Service using your existing channels.