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    Philips Dosewise Solutions helps you manage radiation dose. Take control over patient care, staff safety and regulatory compliance with a broad range of education and training modules.

    Unnecessary radiation exposure can adversely impact you and your patients. To avoid unnecessary risk, steps to gain control of radiation dose are essential.


    We offer both clinical and product trainings in various format for your dose education needs. Our clinical education portfolio covers many dose management topics, including radiation physics, dose optimization, safety culture, quality and compliance.

    You can also find product trainings to help you get the most out of Philips DoseWise solutions and products.

    Radiation safety education

    DoseWise Portal Application Training
    Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection of the Eye (Nursing)
    Radiation Safety in the Operating Room - Nursing
    Radiation Safety for PET/CT
    Fluoroscopy: Mobile Unit Operation and Safety
    Fluoroscopy: Regulation and Radiation Protection
    Essentials of Digital Imaging: Module 6 - Dose Reduction and Patient Safety
    Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection and Safety
    Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection and Safety (Nursing)
    Notes on Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety
    Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection of the Eye
    Fluoroscopy: Image Quality and Analysis
    Radiation Safety in the Operating Room

    DoseWise Portal education

    DoseWise Portal is a vendor-agnostic, web-based solution that collects, measures, analyzes, and reports patient & staff radiation exposure, assisting you to take control of quality of care, efficiency, patient and staff safety.These free tutorial videos will help you get started navigating the software. Check this page often to view additional basic and advanced product trainings as they become available.

    Video tutorials for DoseWise Portal Users

    Introducing the DoseWise Portal

    Learn how the DoseWise Portal can help you to gain control over dose management.

    Working with the CT Summary

    View summary data such as specific exam exposure data, machine performance levels, and cumulative patient dose history.

    Using the DoseWise Portal Chart Builder

    Learn how to build customized charts that give you dynamic displays of your exposure performance.

    Building DoseWise Portal Dashboards

    Create DoseWise Portal Dashboards to provide dynamic displays of charts and graphs.

    Exporting Data to Spreadsheets

    Export data to other applications to create customized reports and analyses.

    Video tutorials for DoseWise Portal Site Managers

    Working with Dose Reference Levels

    How to set, edit, and delete Diagnostic Reference Levels.

    Working with Calibration Factors

    How to customize the DAP value by entering machine-specific Calibration Factors.

    Working with Exam Dose Alert Levels

    How to set Exam Dose Alert Levels.

    Setting Dose History Warning Levels

    How to set the Patient Dose History warning levels.

    More dose management articles and insights


    Dose management in the OR

    Today’s complex minimally invasive procedures demand intelligent radiation dose management.

    Addressing the Joint Commission standards

    You’ll need to track, record, and improve X-ray dose performance to comply with new regulations.

    Is your CT Smart Dose compliant?

    Avoid a 5% to 15% reimbursement reduction. Be sure your CT system meets the MITA Smart Dose CT XR-29 standard.

    More dose management solutions to take control

    Radiation dose products and solutions

    Take control of dose management across your organization


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