More power to the patient

Listening to people and their needs.

At Philips, we start with people. We listen to people and understand their needs. It means that Philips products and solutions are not just useful, but meaningful too. That kind of approach can reap enormous dividends in hospitals.

An innovative approach in healthcare is to bring patients, doctors and technology providers into a creative partnership. Our innovations can make a real difference in improving people’s lives. One of the key questions asked by government and stakeholders is how to create an environment that is best for patients?

Providing care requires us to be innovative. Requires us to think differently. The partnership we now have with Philips really stresses a better outcome for our patients."


Dr. Ricardo Azziz

President of the Georgia Regents University (GRU), and CEO of the Georgia Regents Health System.

A good start for improving patient care is to ask the patients themselves. That is what the Georgia Regents Health System in Augusta, Georgia, is doing in partnership with Philips, which supplies imaging, lighting and consulting services to enable the process to develop efficiently. A breast cancer patient, for example, is working as a patient adviser, in a collaboration designed to personalize and redefine patient care. The hospital administrators say it helps them produce higher quality services, do the work faster and reduce costs so this shifting trend for more patient centered care in the healthcare industry is a case of win-win-win. And it also enables patients to have a pro-active impact on the healthcare system, improving the way they are treated and cared for.

A partnership that works


The former CEO of Georgia Regents Medical Center and EVP of Clinical Affairs, David Hefner, made quite an impact. Click here to find out more.

86% of healthcare CEOs believe technology can transform hospitals over the next 5 years?

True. However, only 25% have already started or completed changes to make their facilities more innovative.

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