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Meet Tammam. See how Philips Air Purifiers helped a nine year old boy follow his dreams.

Meet Tammam. A nine year old who dreams of playing the trumpet in his own concert.

Tammam suffers from obstructive bronchitis. This causes his lungs and bronchi to become narrower, restricting his airflow and breathing. When Tammam has trouble breathing, it’s impossible for him to play and the recovery period can be up to two weeks at times.

I’m supposed to practice every day… but sometimes it’s too much for me.”


Tammam Almir Mahmoud

Air quality has a huge impact on Tammam’s life and was affecting his ability to play the trumpet at home.


At Philips we believe we can always make life better for people, we asked ourselves could our Philips Air Purifier improve Tammam’s quality of life? 


On the day of Tammam’s concert he is ready to play the third part of Haydn’s concerto. What happens next is surely the best day of his life…

How many people suffer from chronic obstructive respiratory diseases?

Between 10 and 100 million. Around 64 million people currently have a chronic obstructive respiratory disease. Citation: World Health Organization (2004)

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